Recipes and Food

This page will be for healthy recipes and some food tips as I find them. Enjoy!


  • Plain yogurt goes amazingly well with blueberry jam! Mix together for a supremely delicious treat.

  • Canned corn and ketchup taste great together. Can't really explain why.

  • Mix different cereals together for great flavor/texture combos - like rice crisps and O's types, or cinnamon flavor with vanilla flavor.

  • Try non-homogenized milk, such as Organic Valley Cream on Top or Kalona Supernatural. The sweet cream included is phenomenal.


Coming soon! For now, this will be a repertoire of foods I am currently finding recipes for and why they are healthy.

All foods below are best eaten Organic (or in the case of shrimp and clams, as natural/clean as possible).

  1. Shrimp- One of the few natural sources of taurine and iodine. It has protein as an added bonus.

  2. Clams- One of the few and best natural sources of B12. Enjoy all that savory clam chowder.

  3. Avocado- A true superfood. Tons of vitamins and minerals- goes great when ripe with scrambled eggs and garlic!

  4. Kale- Another true superfood. When boiled then adding salt, this juice can obliterate colds & flu.

  5. Mustard Greens- Similar to kale, but with even more vitamins and minerals. When boiled then adding salt, this juice can obliterate colds & flu.

  6. Cooked or baby Spinach- Why cooked or baby? It's because raw fully grown spinach inhibits your absorption of calcium and iron. Doesn't sound good to me. Other than that, this is one of the healthiest foods there is.

  7. Hemp Seed- One of the rare completely nutritional seeds. Has every essential amino acid. HOWEVER, it is high in Omega 6- so always eat with the seed below:

  8. GROUNDED Flax Seed- Known far and wide for its massive Omega 3 contents. However, it MUST be ground. Why? If not, your body ends up digesting mostly just the shell (it's well coated) and you get maybe half of the Omega 3's you could have gotten from it.

  9. Macadamia Nut- One of the few relatively Omega 3/6 balanced nuts. Tastes delicious when toasted.

  10. Beans and cornbread/grits- Have a large balance of essential nutrients, and they balance each other out.

Favorite Foods

Here is an ongoing list of my favorite food & brands by far: (pictures below in progress!)

  • food for life

  • nature's path oats original save planet

  • one degree

  • rebbl

  • evolution juice

  • suja

  • Sprouts org blueberry spread

  • truroots quinoa sprouted

  • 365 spring water, spaghettios, canned peaches

  • Healthy Traditions stoneground gmo free corn grits

  • neutral milk

  • redwood hill farm

  • humboldt farm

  • kalona supernatural

  • malk

  • vital farms eggs

  • Vital Choice seafood in general

  • wild planet anchovies

  • bilinski's chicken mushroom

  • applegate beef hotdogs uncured