Professional Experience

This is almost like a resume of sorts, but more informal. :P

Currently employed with: LSU Information Technology Services

Currently working on:

  • Possible Linguistics or Japanese classes
  • CompTIA A+ Certification

I have achieved:

  • Bachelor's Degree, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Associate's Degree, Computer Science
  • Sigma Kappa Delta membership
  • High school diploma

I have worked at:

  • Infinite Innovations, LLC (Web designer)
  • my colleges as a Computer Lab monitor and Knowledgebase editor
  • my high school as a Student Help Desk technician
  • St. Vincent de Paul (volunteer)
  • my teacher's house (pet sitting!)

I enjoy doing this kind of work:

  • Tech support/administration
  • Helping with/learning Linux
  • Web development
  • Content writing
  • Proofreading
  • Environmental awareness applications/practices
  • Pet sitting

As my work continues, I will be adding more things relevant to my work. Look forward to it!