Project: M Mirror

Here is a repository for all Project:M Demo files including 1.0, then from 2.0 and above. These are all the Hackless Wii versions.



    • The download is for NTSC Brawl Discs and Wii's only. Japanese users, click here.

  • European/PAL users: there is currently no release for PAL. However, you can still play P:M through a couple of extra steps! Check the post from Smashboards here.

    • Your SD card must be less than or equal to 2 gigs to use Project M. If your SD card exceeds 2gigs, you can use Riivolution. Note: The Project M installation includes both music and textures as part of the standard package. If you have custom content on your card, it will be overwritten.

If you are unable to get the installer to work, or you are a Mac user, please follow the instructions below, or click here to view a video tutorial.

    1. Delete any custom Brawl stage files on your Wii and SD Card!

    2. Install the files to the root of your SD Card with the installer. If you downloaded the zip file, unzip the file and open the folder that comes out. Move the contents of that folder to your SD Card

    3. Boot up Brawl and go to the Stage Builder.

    4. Gecko OS will launch; select Launch Game.

    5. You will see a straploader saying PROJECT M Demo v2.0. Additionally, if your menu image looks like the image below, then go ahead and play and enjoy Project M!

These files are all on Google Drive. To download, look at the top of the page where you see "Open With" and other icons, and click the one with an arrow pointing down to a line.

After this, it may give you a "Sorry, we can't scan this for viruses." If you get that, click the "Download Anyway" link.

***NOTE: Due to the shutdown of Nintendo's Wifi connection, the "Wifi safe" versions will no longer be able to connect to the internet. However, there are

two ways to get around this!

Option 1: Download Dolphin on your computer, and get Brawl for it, then load Project M. Guide here.

You must have a good processor in your computer to use this. You must also have a USB to Gamecube controller (or to Wiimote) adapter.

Option 2: Download this file, extract it to your SD card, and connect as usual! Full credit to Rood from Smashboards for providing this.

It is version 3.02.

Project:M 1.0

Project:M 2.0

Project:M 2.0 Wifi safe

Project:M 2.1

Project:M 2.1 Wifi safe

Project:M 2.5

Project:M 2.5 Wifi safe

Project:M 2.5b

Project:M 2.5b Wifi safe

Project:M 2.6

Project:M 2.6 Wifi safe

Project:M 2.6b

Project:M 2.6b Wifi safe

Project:M 3.0

Project:M 3.0 Wifi safe


Hackless Launcher*

Hackless Launcher 1.04*


Project:M 3.01

Project:M 3.01 Wifi safe

Project:M 3.02

Project:M 3.02 Wifi safe

Project:M 3.5

Project:M 3.5 Wifi safe

Project:M 3.6 Beta

Have questions about something? Check my homepage for my contact info.

* = You should only use this launcher if you have a completely unmodified (no custom music/textures/etc) copy of P:M 3.0 or above. After extracting the files into your SD card with the P:M files, you will then be able to download the latest P:M release anytime from the P:M setup screen, if you have an internet connection!