Favorite Animals

This is my page for my favorite animals! This can include canines, felines, cetaceans, rare breeds, and rare species. For the dog breeds specifically featured first, I hope to be able to own one one day!

Shiba Inu

(image by _tar0_)
Shibas are the smallest of the Inu breeds and very cat-like with a high prey drive, and would be a great fit for those willing to put in the training work.

Norwegian Lundehund

(image by Scarlett2308)
This rare breed is one of the only ones with six toes on each front paw, originally bred to hunt puffins! It is still wild by nature and takes extra effort to house train, but is currently in a breeding project to rescue the breed.


(image by Designcat)
This sweet mixed dog is bred to resemble wolves without wolfdogs! However, it is important to find a reputable breeder as some are sadly puppy mills. See Tamaskans Against Puppy Mills


(image by Canarian)
This is a rare Inu breed, medium in size compared to the smaller Shiba and larger Akita. It is still bred for hunting and thus has a strong prey drive, energy, and is very noble in dog-to-dog interactions- other dogs will need to understand its rules!


(image by Burner83)
This stunning dog was bred for duck tolling and is quite smart and sensitive - it can have a regal "did you say something?" mood at times!


(image by BecauseUAreHere)
This prairie dog is well known for being barkless, sometimes "yodeling" instead in beautiful tones!

Other breeds:

British Timber
(like a long haired Tamaskan!)
image by timberdogclubuk.co.uk

(bred for coat to resemble Tigers)
image by Heikki Siltala

Border collie mixes
(w/ Golden Retriever, "Coltriever!")
image by Dewi_the_Gollie / Instagram

Turkish Van
(a gorgeous cat breed that loves water!)
image by alexanderino

Other animals in general: (Image carousel of these TBD!)

(canine/feline/domestic) wolf, savannah cat, tuxedo kitties, bengal, silver fox, panther, cougar, lion, liger, arabian horse

(marine life) orca, dolphin, tucxi dolphin, blue dragon sea slug, octopus

(other wild) raven, crow, blue jay, quetzal bird, falcons, golden eagle, steppe eagle, condor, seabird (supermigratory)

(rare species) TBD